habitation and decors

A weaned calf has affinity for its mother’s milk,
while a convenient carton containing cow’s milk,
placed on kitchen’s granite shelf, is left unnoticed by a human child,
unless the milk is served in a fancy glass container (not a plastic tumbler),
with spouts of chocolate syrup, ice and
the garnish of big buttery banana cookies (served in a plate accustomed to child-tantrums).

How a baby’s cot becomes a carnival’s venue,
as inflatable cartooned lions, giraffes, zebras, ladybugs
sway akin to carnival floats.
Music and blinking lights emanate
at the pull of threads and push of colored buttons
                        (these tunes are never cliches, at least for a baby).
Purple chewable plastic birds hang like
appetizing snacks for growing teeth and taste buds.
Soft toys accompany like people
keeping their views mum underneath furs of comfort.
Parents become spectators,
often mimicking the baby’s karaoke
like sleep-deprived comic novices.

A pink piglet and its pink mother
in a muddy (stagnant) corner of the road
look more animated and real
than a grand human house -

tiled by busy footfalls of family members,
which never move towards each other
without pecuniary premeditation.

Escaped birds don’t consider
eating the convenient food
hung at a residential garden
in a stylized bird-feeder —
shaped as a cage.

(Tongue gives up its qualities in
an ambiance of fear).

They prefer hunting for
unadulterated bits,
untouched insects,
only fingerprinted by
natural air, water, soil and

© Harrisham Minhas

Published in Muse India, 2014

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