Uninterested in conditioned airs,
as a young one, I would usually
keep the car window open to its fullest capacity,
letting my facial skin play with cartons of boisterous air,

I do it again today,
traveling while sitting at the back seat of our car,
amidst cool, incipient rain droplets,
conversing to me in a combination of :
                braille, a mild concert and aroma therapy.

A black billboard strikes on the way
not because it’s sans any ad today,
but because against this backdrop,
I can see whitish raindrops falling hand in hand,
slanted forward.

How water droplets colonize with their clones

Past the Valentine’s day hype,
the florist’s inactive shop
advertises for cheaper roses.

A half-drooped board outside
a dentist’s clinic sways in the wind,
just like my milk teeth would sway in my mouth
until they were in my hand and I threw them on the roof
for crows.

Because my mother told me that the crows would
bring new teeth for me.

© Harrisham Minhas

Published in Muse India 2013

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